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Dave Tardif Honored

      On April 18th, before the year's final performance, a reception was held to honor David Tardif for his 20 years as a trustee.

      Trustee President Richard Osborne read a proclamation from Mayor Jim Bouley that detailed Tardif's involvement in the community, not only for the Walker Fund, but for his many services to the City of Concord including serving as an alderman, being a founding member of the Friends of the Auditiorium and serving as their legal advisor, his work with mental health agencies, and his involvement with his church.

      Refreshments were served during the reception and again at intermission giving the audience a chance to wish Dave well in his retirement from the trustees.

      Pictured with Tardif are Jean Conlon, Dick Osborne and Allwynne Fine, the current trustees of the Walker Fund.

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