Wed. Apr. 11th at 7:30pm

with Michael Wigge

      This is the unbelievable attempt of award-winning comedian, Michael Wigge, to travel 25,000 miles from Europe to Antarctica, without any money. Throughout his journey, Wigge immerses himself in fascinating sub-cultures, sleeps on the street with homeless people and nourishes himself with flowers.

      Michael left Berlin in June and traveled for 150 days through 11 countries, arriving in Antarctica in November. He planned the journey for a year before starting out, collecting contact information for those who might provide accommodations or odd jobs, but he also relied on the kindness of strangers. With the help of over 100 people Wigge manages to acquire free food, free accommodations and free transportation for his 150-day journey across four continents and eleven countries.

      This unusual travel diary combines adventure with humorous situations and insightful interviews about people's relationship with money. A must for every travel and adventure fan.

      Award-winning German TV personality Michael Wigge specializes in incredible challenge stories. 'How to Travel the World for FREE', 'How to Barter for Paradise' (where he turned an apple into a Hawaiian dream house by bartering for bigger, better things) and 'How to Travel 2000 Miles on a Razor Scooter in 80 Days' are just three of his seven travel shows. He shared his amazing success stories on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and also on The Today Show. His TV programs and books have been broadcast and published internationally in several countries.