Wed. Mar. 14th at 7:30pm

with Tom Sterling

      This is a fresh look at an old and revered land. A first time visitor to Scotland tends to see only the quaint villages, castles (in various stages of disrepair), distilleries, mountain scenery, souvenirs and sheep - lots of sheep! Of course, those familiar with the game that originated in Scotland - golf - may also attempt to visit or play on one their famous courses; but our story goes far beyond those adventures - a Pipe Band Contest, a Sheep Dog Trial, a weaver of tartans, the Culloden Battlefield, a hunting/fishing estate, and the remains of the 73 mile long wall that the Roman Emperor Hadrian had built to exclude these "barbarians", from this empire. The Romans called them Picts because they painted and tattooed themselves like pictures. Today, we call them Scotsmen.. It's a trip to Scotland that you'll not soon forget.

      Tom Sterling, was born in Jackson, Michigan. He spent much of his boyhood exploring and enjoying the wondrous outdoor world of the Great Lakes region. Following high school he worked for a summer in Yellowstone National Park. A growing desire to travel led to five years with the United States Air Force and sojourns in Texas, Illinois, Idaho and Alaska. A wish to record his journeys prompted a new interest - photography.

     After the military service, Tom acquired a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources. The favorable reaction to a film, made for one of his classes, persuaded him to try travel/adventure film production as a career. A few short years into the endeavor he received The International Motion Picture and Lecturer's Association "Rising Star" award. Since graduation, Tom has produced several tour films and "specials" for the Canadian Broadcasting Company, PBS and The Discovery Channel. His films have been seen in over 80 countries around the World.